Seasonal shifts at play!

Have the seasonal changes affected your body and energy? If you’ve noticed differences in your energetic levels (positive or negative), it’s not just in your head! In Chinese medical theory, the constant ebb and flow of the seasons have direct effect on your mood, appetite, and overall state of being. I find it very helpful during these seasonal shifts to be conscious of how my body is feeling. If i need more rest, I take it (when I’m able). If I need to increase my physical exericise to disperse an excess of energy then I make the time to sweat and move. As the weather continues to heat up, proper water intake is of utmost impotance to keep the organs nourished and the muscles lubricated.

So often we find ourselves too busy, too pre-occupied with day to day life, that we neglect the time to tune into our bodies and give it what it needs. Getting regular massage, excersise, and meditation help keep us moving. Take the time your body needs to rebalance itself. Don’t fight the shifts, go with them!