Cheung’s Meridian Therapy (CMT)-

Meridian Therapy is a system of healing based in traditional Chinese medicine. Devised by Grandmaster William Cheung, this method of healing uses the stimulation of pressure points and meridians (energy pathways) to promote chi flow and healing within the body. By palpating specific sequences of pressure points, blockages in the body are removed, circulation is increased, and swelling is reduced. With an increase in chi flow to the affected areas, nutrients and oxygenated blood help to heal the body, while toxins are removed.

Meridian Therapy can be used to help treat a variety of injuries and disorders. In conjunction with CMT, meridian stretching, Qi-Gong meditation, and breathing exercises are implemented to help maintain balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

The ancient Chinese Medical book the Nei Ching describes the importance of the meridians:

“The means whereby man is created, the means whereby diseases occur, the means whereby man is cured, the means whereby disease arises: the twelve meridians are the basis for all theory and treatment.”

Health and Wellness

Acupressure massage treatments are affective in promoting overall health in the body systems.

When there is blocked chi in the body pain, discomfort, and disease arise. The stimulation of acupoints and meridian massage works both externally on muscles and fascia as well as on internal organs. The use of Chi meditation also supports healthy chi flow in the body. Moving Chi through meditation is dependent on the mind, the breath and the polarity of the Meridian points. As balance of yin and yang is restored, health and wellbeing return.

Stress Management

Stressful situations permeate our life, however, if left untreated can cause many problems in the body and spirit.
Receiving regular meridian massage treatments help to greatly reduce stress and bring the body back into harmony.
The implementation of Qi-Gong and meditation also alleviates stress and aid in the body’s natural healing.

Pain Management Pain in the body is caused by many things including swelling and a blockage of energy (chi).

Whether the result of a sports injury, car accident, or general trauma to the body, chronic pain can be treated using CMT massage. By increasing circulation and decreasing swelling, the body is able to heal. The increase in chi flow drives blood and oxygen to the injured areas, which in turn alleviates pain.

Meridian Massage can help treat tennis elbow, repetitive strain injuries, muscle strains, arthritis, back pain and much more.

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